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The Pros And Cons of Bi-fold Doors

In the modern day, there are many different variations, styles and purposes for a door. With manufacturing and joinery arguably at its creative best, where do you start in looking for your ideal door and why? An example of a modern day favourite are bi fold doors, which essentially are now becoming the preferred choice as opposed to the more traditional patio and sliding doors.

So what is a bi-fold door?

In its simplest form, bi-fold doors are essentially doors that let the outside in. Bi-fold doors open in concert, where the panels fold up against one another and are pushed together when opened. If you imagine a slide door in your dining room which opens to your garden – instead of the one door which slides to let the outside in, you have what’s called the main door panel, which is then accompanied by a stack of panels that fold very neatly against one another, which almost look like room dividers. Very smart, very stylish….

Whilst bi-fold doors provide a really nice aesthetic feel to your living space, you have to consider the amount of room you have in and around the opening of the door itself. Even with this in mind, there are many benefits to having a bi-fold door, but there may also be some things to consider before you make your choice …

Pro’s and Con’s

Bringing The Outside In

Pro: Probably one of the most desirable pros to bi-fold doors is that its structurally built for both design and practicality, meaning it gives the most when it comes to bringing the outside in.

Con: As great as bringing the outside in may sound, it may not be for all, especially if you prefer to keep detached from the outside.


Pro: With traditional patio doors and sliding doors, the structure itself probably only lends itself to showing about 60% of the outside, as their joints and structure limit them. Bi fold doors allow up to 90% of the view of the outside to be brought in.

Con: Some bi-fold structures can differ from others and reduce the amount of light that can come through. Check with your suppliers or manufacturers for more on this.

Energy Efficient

Pro: Bi-fold doors are also deemed as being energy efficient and have excellent insulating properties. So they do a great job of keeping the heat in and the cold out, as and when required.

Con: Not so much! Bifold doors do a good job of keeping your room insulated and potentially save money on not wasting energy.

Locking System

Bi fold doors operate within a multi point locking system, which further enhances the security of the door itself. The more traditional door types have a single point locking system.

Aesthetics & Practicality

Bi Fold doors are generally very pleasing on the eye, and have an air of character about them. Apart from being quite practical, bi fold doors are also very pleasing to the eye, especially if a room has been transformed with all of the features complementing each other.

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